Fashion for Marie Claire Netherlands

I’m happy that one of the fashion stories I’ve done for Marie Claire Romania was published in the Marie Claire Netherlands, December 2016 issue. Thank you Mara, Flavia, Andreea, Teodora & Ioni.

My works on display at Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun, Poland

I’m happy to announce you that my works are on display on Dada Roots collective exhibition opened at Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun, Poland. Two of my experimental short videos (On Photography and Awaken Thee, Romanian! ) and one photographic series (Double Exposure) are there to be seen untill 05th February 2017. This is a DADA related show curated by Radu Stern (Switzerland) in collaboration with Prof. Roxana Trestioreanu and Prof. Daniel-Mihai Constantinescu (Romania) Continue reading “My works on display at Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun, Poland”

The Lost Film – Kathleen Bremner, the bride from the lost film, photographed by The Sun, plus more media coverage


Of course, If you’re following this blog you already know the story of the 42 years old lost film I found inside a camera I had recently bought. You may also know that a part of the mystery has been solved, as the family pictured in ’74 stepped forward, contacting BBC. There is some news I want to share with you: today, The Sun photographed Kathleen Bremner in the original place of the wedding, on the very steps we saw her in the old images. Kathleen, now in her 60’s, said this is the first time returning at the site after the wedding. Continue reading “The Lost Film – Kathleen Bremner, the bride from the lost film, photographed by The Sun, plus more media coverage”

The lost film – Mystery solved by the BBC!

BBC on solving the misteryIt was quite an amazing day, a truly media-storm on the lost film story. Everything was incredibly fast developed, and the mystery is now solved. After the story was spread in a big part of the UK media (BBC, BBC Radio, STV, The Sun, Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, among others), dozens of people contacted the BBC to suggest where the photos were taken, including several who identified the Burleigh Court Hotel in Gloucestershire, as the place of the wedding. Soon after, a family has contacted the BBC to say they are the subjects of a series of mysterious wedding photographs. Continue reading “The lost film – Mystery solved by the BBC!”

The lost film – developed after 45 years – Solved!

The lost film

Update! The mystery was solved!

[EN] I’m sure you’ve read somewhere a classical story about a successful recovery of a decades old exposed but undeveloped photographic negative roll-film found inside a similarly old camera brought from a flea market? Yes, that’s true, it had just happened to me too!

Your help is needed to share this to all your British friends. Who knows, maybe someone will hopefully recognise his/ her family, and I’ll have the opportunity to return these images to those entitled to receive them. Continue reading 


[RO] Nu-i asa ca ati citit pe undeva ca in interiorul unui aparat de fototografiat vechi, cumparat din targ, s-a gasit un film expus dar nedevelopat, care, surpriza, la developare, chiar si dupa cateva zeci de ani, a fost recuperat? Ei bine, e adevarat, tocmai ce mi s-a intamplat si mie acest lucru.

Va rog sa distribuiti aceste imagini prietenilor vostri britanici. Cine stie, poate cineva isi va recunoaste familia, iar eu voi avea posibilitatea sa returnez aceste imagini celor in drept sa le primeasca. Continue reading “The lost film – developed after 45 years – Solved!”