Antonescu’s last pictures


I’m sure that some of you already know the pictures and the history of this man but I have to publish these images here anyway. It is very strange for me to see the eyes of a man who will know he will die in the next minutes. In this kind of pictures I really identify the true power of photography. This man died more than 60 years ago but this touching face expression it is still printed and somehow alive.

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Beyond a simple portrait

alex galmeanu - self-portrait

Alex Galmeanu – Self-portrait

I have fun considering this self-portrait far more than a portrait. It is truly deep and complete. It is like you are’nt see only a face, only the surface but you are entering deep into the soul. When you are going to shoot a portrait, you are really want to discover the personality of the subject, to describe it as better as possible. I wonder if the form of the brain helps or not. :)

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