The death of Kennedy’s killer


Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of the US president J.F. Kennedy, is escorted to the Dallas City Jail as nightclub owner Jack Ruby shot him in front of the policemen and the press. Oswald died shortly after, taking with him the truth of the US President assassination.

The picture was made in the Dallas police headquarters underground parking in 24 Nov.1963 by Bob Jackson a press photographer from Dallas Herald-Times. Bob Jackson was not especially a good photographer, he was just one of the many Dallas‘s press photographers, but this only picture is enough guarantee him a place in the History of Photography.  

Also, Bob Jackson was not the only one who photographed this scene, another two photographers captured the moment, but Bob Jackson’s angle was the best from all.    



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  1. Desi am citit multe si sunt mereu interesata de cazul asta, recunosc ca nu mi-am pus niciodata intrebarea pe care a pus-o R.A. Fleming mai sus… Si da, a intrat in istorie cu aceasta fotografie, dar din pacate altceva despre el nu s-a mai scris, alte fotografii nu am mai vazut…

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