I have Che Guevara on my t-shirt

che guevara

This portrait is probably the most well known portrait in the world.

and this is because of the huge marketing regarding this picture and the personage, the symbol, Ernesto Che Guevara. But the story start like this: In March 1960 at a funeral service for 136 Cubans killed during a counterrevolutionary terrorist attack, the revolutionary leader Che Guevara stepped forward onto the memorial service podium. A Cuban photographer capture this moment and the photographic history was rewritten in a split of a second. The name of the photographer is right now well known all over the world, Alberto Korda. The image remain unpublished a long period. After seven years the artist gave a print of this image to an Italian journalist and the picture was published in Italy as a poster a short time after Che’s death. Very soon the image spread all over Europe and in the entire world. From then till on, the image or the replicas where used around the globe like posters, t-shirts, hats, buttons, album covers, magazine covers, murals… you name it, even Andy Warhol profited from Korda’s photograph. Korda received nothing, despite huge countless ways in which this image was marketed.

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artworkartworkkylie posterartwork

artworkartworkkorda with his famous portraitinspired by the image

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  1. hola . estoy buscando una imagen del che .. donde solo esta la silueta del lado izq en negro y el fondo es blanco si me puedes ayudar ..

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