Atomic Bomb…. brrrr

atomic blastatomic blastatomic blast

“Ever wondered what an atomic blast looks like before it obliterates everything around it?

Before the smoke, the mushroom cloud, the devastation, it’s really quite amazing to see the first few fractions of an atomic bomb upon detonation.Harold Edgerton built a special lens 10 feet long for his camera which was set up in a bunker 7 miles from the source of the blast which was triggered Nevada – the bomb placed atop a steel gantry anchored to the desert floor by guide wires. The exposures are at 1/100,000,000ths of a second.

Due to the extremely high shutter speeds, the image quality and color depth is limited in these photos.

Courtesy of Harold Edgerton (photographer)”


8 Replies to “Atomic Bomb…. brrrr”

  1. wow thats really cool its quite cool
    its quite cool
    i never thought it actually looked like THAT!!

  2. thats cool..but..em..
    can u show the camera that capture that images?
    the camera must be “cooler”
    ~love camera~

  3. o wow.. that is soo cool.. i mean i never thought a camera could catch the fractions that fast! very amazing!

  4. If you watch the 1981 documentary The Day After Trinity you will see film of this same detonation. I may be wrong, but this really looks like stills snagged from the film of the Trinity test.

    It’s beautiful in a really disturbing way. Too bad it isn’t in color; apparently it created this blue and orange fire ball. The blue comes from the plutonium they used. You mention color depth but there were no color images taken of the Trinity test, at least not to my knowledge.

  5. That documentary was extremely well done. In fact there are two picture Edgerton was able to capture that I have not been able to find, yet. The first picture shows the glow inside the bomb casing at detonation. The second shows the fireball emerging from the casing as it is incinerated.

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