old pornography it is art ?

old porn

If a pornographic picture it is old enough, could be considered art? (I have to warn you that by clicking the “read the rest…” button of this post you’ll see some very explicit porn images, so if you are easily offended or under 18 please do not read the rest of the post, ha ha ha)

old pornold pornold pornold porn

This looks like 1900 pornographic pictures. I received this from a friend who found the images on the internet, so I don’t know the photographer, the exact year, the location or anything else about them. What it is interesting is the fact that the old porn looks almost like the new one, nothing more or nothing less from the sexual point of view. Of course the old pictures look better than actual pornography. The old studio, the beautiful natural soft light and the deep of field are delightful. From the social point of view I have to ask you where are the highly educated people from the old times, the classics, the puritans and “I’ll not do this before the marriage” women. Right now I easily imagine all respectable old men and women in this kind of pose :). What do you think, this is art or porn? Me, I’ll be glad to have some originals in my collection… :)Â

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  1. It would be a highly pathetic attempt to deny the sexuality, no matter what period of time we’re considering. From the antique paintings to Playboy, nothing has really changed, which is prooved by the pictures you posted :)
    Quod erat demonstrandum, if these things always existed and have been imortalized by painting, sculpture, photography, these are natural and beautiful. Stop acting like ostriges, unpluck your head from the sand and…grab a photo camera! :D

  2. At about 14 y.o. I’ve seen and touched some originals in the house of a very respectable old lady, one that had been introduced to society during a ball in Paris. My epiphany was: nothing I’ll ever do is new to the world. My second epiphany was: I can still do it and be a respectable lady. Of course they’re porn. They still rock :)

  3. What is ART, first of all? Does its definition include anything at all referring to sex? You might have asked in the same way: “is an old car a piece of art?” Does value come with time? Does value dissipate in the mist of forgetness? Too many questions to be answered here, or better yet, to be answered by your humble commenter. Related to the topic of vintage photography, here’s my 2 cents: http://www.hbfx.com/french1915/

  4. it’s porn, no doubt about it, and it may be valuable because it’s an antique. These are also samples of great photographic craftsmanship.
    And there’s a very thin line between craftsmanship and art. But anyway, if what we see in playboy today is art, and if playboy photographers are “artists”, then this is art too.

  5. So This is what our grandparents used to do during nighttime & weekends… :) Different from today’s?! I dont think so !!!! I mean … weren’t they wearing too many clothes for something like that?!?!?!…Welll… after all…that’s fashion!…
    Visit http://www.hbfx.com/french1915/ it’s worth it!…
    After that you might reach my conclussion: Women today are better for such situations than those in 1900; dont you think?
    Anyway, the whole site and this area esspecially are great!!!!… BRAVOOO!!!
    And now, I feel like I wanna…. Where’s my wife anyway?!…
    Don’t know…but when i meet her… we’ll have a 1900’s party style !!!…
    I can’t wait !!! :)

  6. What I wonder is, when a photo like this taken in this era or even up to the 40’s, if anyone respectable or most anyone in the local community got wind of photo’s like these, would there not be a lot of trouble for these people? How did they get away with these photo’s?

  7. ok… i think that NO … because porno is porno , old or not, yes the pictures are delicious but, if you paint a bunquet of shit , it will be nicer, but it still be a bunquet of shit

  8. i think they are beautiful, sexuality is human nature and i think expressing it in a tasteful and in some of the photographs humerous way is almost enchanting

  9. I think that for the subjects was fun ti have taken those photos, was art for the photographer in “the scene coregraphy” and photography overall. Today is art, exactly how it was at that time. Nothing changed in the matter.
    PS:I have several nudes from the 1930 celebrities (photos) and I like them and consider them art.

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