the first picture I have made…

my first picture

That is it! This is my first picture. It is of course nothing much, but I’ll always be happy to remember it.I made this image back in 1992 with a Smena camera and an old Russian exposure meter. I processed the negative in my own home lab and I was enormously happy to see an image coming up from the negative. Actually only four pictures, the last four frames on the film survived from the entire roll. Everything else on the film was black because of an accidental beam of light. Anyway this was a major realization for me at that time, I just started to became a photographer. If you are curious enough to know what it is in the picture, well. It is a view from the rooftop of my parents’ house.


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  1. Hi Laur,

    What do you mean by “made” in the title above? Do you mean that this is the first picture you ever “developed” yourself?

    I ask because the other picture of Sfinta Vineri is taken before this picture above, so this one can’t be the first picture you ever “took” with your camera, because it’s dated later than the other one.

    I like the Sfinta Vineri picture. :-)


  2. this is the first picture I have made. Sfanta Vineri picture was made by my older brother Laurentiu Galmeanu. Me, I’m Alex Galmeanu, the owner of

  3. whoa! Now this is unfair: the minute i saw this, my first thought was: “hey, i wonder what happened to my first drawing” – then i realized, huh- yea they threw it away, together with my next thousand or so of drawings… who keeps kiddies’ doodles anyway? while with photography, it’s different: no one throws photos away. See? Unfair :)

    Anyway, glad to see you here, Alex!

  4. I would say it’s got an art touch. I like it a lot and I can understand why it is so close to your heart.

    My father used to process b/w photos at home, I assisted him the best way I could – many photos were ruined because of me… but I have learned how to obtain some effects, like bending the paper before exposure or exposing in an angle or exposing two pictures on each half of paper, it is amazing how many things could be done without PS.

    Thank you Alex for sharing this photo. I’m now full of memories – it was about 15 years ago…

    I have to tell you I visited your site and it blew me away. Your photos are just fantastic.


  5. Shall I suppose that you have used Azomures romanian film, because that time was the only one available and cheap b&w film in Romania?

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